Hirosaki: Getting Here

There are many ways to get to Hirosaki. Naturally, some options take longer than others. It all depends on your budget and how much you’re willing to pay for speed and comfort. I’m going to be discussing accessibility, price, comfort, and any other pertinent information that you should keep in mind when deciding how to get here.

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The Premium Experience: Kyoto Day 2

After getting a good night’s rest, we split up once again. Kathy and I went to visit the Bamboo Forest in Arashiyama and see the Kinkaku-ji (Golden Pavilion). Unfortunately I don’t remember where Tommy went to… I think it was a manga museum(?). Anyhow, we left pretty early around 9:30 and we were smart to remember to take an umbrella from the hostel because it was sprinkling when we left. We also rented a wifi-router for ¥500 (about $4.60USD) per day and it seriously came in handy. We were able to look up directions, and keep our friends posted with our (actually just me) constant facebook updates.

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