#TTT: Japan Edition – Suica

Just what is a suica? No, it isn’t the Japanese word for “watermelon.” Although, I am craving a watermelon right now. Anyways, a suica is god’s gift to the Japanese transportation system.

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#TTT Travel Documents

I always make a point to make photocopies of important travel documents such as my passport and the front side of the credit cards I will be using internationally. I also make sure to have a list of important phone numbers saved in my carry-on bag and hidden in my roller. As an extra precaution, I have also scan these documents into PDF and are saved in my Gmail. You will never know if you lose an important travel document overseas and need to get them reissued. But having these should make the process easier.


#TTT Be Nice

When you are traveling, please remember to be nice to people especially when you need help. You will be amazed at how far some people will help you if you are friendly and courteous.

So do yourself a favor and be nice to people when you travel, you will never know when you need their help.


#TTT Immigration Forms

I always fill out my immigration cards/forms before landing. Why, you ask? Because it will help you get processed quicker. I normally fill them out right after the cabin crew distributes them so I don’t have to worry about it later. After I complete the card/form, I always put it together with my passport and then put it away so I don’t lose it.

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#TTT Pens

There is something that I don’t understand after traveling internationally… why don’t people have pens?! I mean, if you are traveling internationally and you are a tourist, why wouldn’t you carry a pen? I think that people tend to forget that they need to fill out immigration cards before they are granted entry into a country. I always carry at least 2 pens with me in my carry on/and or purse. For one thing, I know that I will have to fill out immigration forms and 2, I like keeping a travel journal.

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#TTT AwardWallet

I’ll admit that I can’t always keep track on all of my points and miles (even though I have a dedicated spreadsheet). My favorite service to use is AwardWallet. In the beginning, I was skeptical to use an online service to keep track of my points and miles but I was surprise by the number of bloggers (that I follow) that use this service. So I figured, if this many people are using this, it can’t be bad. This service really is amazing, I absolutely think this is one of the best tools in helping me manage my points and miles. Best of all, it is free!

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