The Premium Experience: Seoul Day 3

On my third day in Seoul, I only had one destination in mind. The Dosirak Cafe in the Tongin Market, unfortunately for me, the cafe was closed.

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The Premium Experience: Seoul Day 2

After getting a good night sleep, we headed out to the photo studio to take pictures in hanboks. The studio was a little difficult to find, but a really nice halmoni (grandma type) literally took us under her wings and led us to the studio. She was by far the nicest person we have met in S.Korea. We headed upstairs just in time for our appointment. After a whirlwind 2 hours or so, we left the studio for lunch. At this point, I was borderline starving. We initially wanted to eat the ginseng chicken but had a difficult finding a restaurant so we settled for this random restaurant near the studio.

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