Hi, I’m Lisa and this is where I blog about my travel adventures!

I first started traveling with friends during the Summer of 2011 and I never really looked back. After that first long weekend trip to NYC, I found myself heading to Taiwan, Hong Kong, Japan, South Korea and Canada. Having traveled over 60,000+ miles in the past 5 years, I am by no means a frequent flyer but I have earned myself some pretty amazing premium experiences (flying business and first class) using frequent flyer miles and paying mere taxes.

I have only recent started blogging [again]. I first created this blog in 2012 to blog about my Hong Kong and Taiwan trip but had to stop pretty early on as I lost my travel journal. Finally, after a long 2 years hiatus, I return to complete my first trip report “The Premium Experience”. Followed by another short hiatus, I completed “A Canadian Birthday”.

I probably won’t be updating as much because… well because I can’t always be traveling right? I do have a day job and I technically only blog after I return home from a trip.

So if you don’t mind waiting… please follow this blog!