Japan and South Korea 2017: ICN to AOJ

KE 767
Boeing 737
May 5, 2017
10:10 AM – 12:30 PM (Scheduled)
10:15 AM – 12:03 PM (Actual)
Seat 8A

After a week in Seoul, it was time for us to head to Hirosaki. Since our flight departed at 10 AM, we checked out at 6:30 AM to head to Seoul Station to check-in and take the Airport Railroad Express Train (AREX) to Incheon Airport. We were able to check into our flight, checked in our bags and complete immigration. The express train takes 43 minutes to get to the airport so we brought the ticket for 7:20 AM. (Note: Immigration doesn’t open until 7:00 AM and you can only check in 3 hours before your flight departs). Because we were traveling with Korean Airlines, we got a discount for the AREX.

Once we got to Incheon Airport, we were able to use a special line to go through Security. I had originally wanted to relax in the a lounge but all of the Priority Pass lounges were full and we had a hard time finding a couple of the lounges. We decided to get some food at Lotteria to grab some food before the flight.


When I boarded, headphones and slippers were already at the seat back pocket and a flight attendant offered me a pre-departure drink and the menu. I selected the Western option and it was pretty tasty.

Flying into Aomori was extremely picturesque. Aomori literally means blue forest, although it could possibly be translated as “green forest”. There were beautiful mountains still fresh with snow and so many greenery.

We arrived at Aomori International Airport early and the immigration was quick. Overall, the flight was good and I would highly recommend taking flight to Aomori from Seoul.

Until next time,


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