Japan and South Korea 2017: LAX to ICN

SQ 007
Boeing 777
April 29, 2017
5:50 PM – 9:50 PM (+1) Scheduled
6:14 PM – 10:52 PM (+1) Actual
Seat 1F

I was thrilled when I found out that I was able to book Singapore Airlines First Class from Los Angeles to Seoul. I had originally booked Singapore Airlines from San Francisco to Hong Kong and then fly Cathay Pacific from Hong Kong to Seoul. As you can see above, the flight was delayed for some time so I stayed at the Star Alliance First Class Lounge a little longer. I believe the delay was due to late incoming aircraft (?) [don’t quote me on this].

I was one of the first passengers aboard the flight and was greeted by a friendly flight attendant. After I was lead to my seat, I was offered a pre-departure drink and some warm nuts. Next, my amenity kit, pajamas and menu were brought to me. The friendly flight attendant asked if I’ve ever flew with Singapore Airlines before and I replied that this was my first time. She happily proceed to explain all the functions of the seat and to let her know if she can be of assistance.

Amenity Kit

Fiery red amenity kit

Soon as we hit cruising altitude, the fight attendant came by and took my order for dinner. Since I had pre-order my meal using Book The Cook, she wanted to confirm my dinner order or if I wanted to change my order. I decided to keep my original choice of Boston Lobster Thermidor with the western choices. I did however skip the soup and salad.

After the meal was completed, I decided to get comfortable by changing into the Singapore Airlines pajamas. The seat turned bed was very comfortable. I wasn’t too sleepy, so I took a short nap before waking up again. And by short nap, I meant 4 hours!


Ready for bed!

I have no idea how the flight attendant knew as soon as I woke up, but she was at my seat literally 30 seconds later asking if I would like a drink or snack. I requested a Singapore Airlines’ signature drink…The Singapore Sling. A few minutes later, I was brought the drink along with some warm nuts to enjoy.

I decided to check out KrisWorld and watched a few movies to pass time. By the time I got hungry, it was time for the landing meal. I went with Chicken Congee option along with a glass of Dom Perignon and an Iced Milo.

And before I knew it, we had arrived in Seoul and was preparing for arrival.

Overall, I really enjoyed the flight. The flight attendants were friendly, food was delicious, bed was comfortable and the entertainment kept me entertained for the long flight. I would highly recommend taking a Singapore Airlines in First Class. The experience was truly incredible.

Until the next post!


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