Black Friday? No Thanks

As Americans are out and about shopping during one of the biggest shopping days of the year, I’ll be sitting out.

It is not because I don’t like shopping, if anything, I love shopping and that is one of the reasons why I lost one of my credit cards last week. I am however, not a fan of waiting in lines for hours just to save a little bit of money. To me, spending time to drive out to where the sales and wait is not worth it to me. My time is worth way more than the savings. But again, that is just my opinion.

It seems like a lot of retailers are now offering Black Friday deals online, which is awesome because they are kind of combining Black Friday and Cyber Monday together. I’m normally a huge fan of Cyber Monday, I am not seeing anything worth buying this year. Perhaps this is a sign that I should save my money for my upcoming trip?

Black Friday/Cyber Monday sales aren’t bad but there isn’t anything that is worth buying to me. Have you gone out to shop this Black Friday? Or are you waiting for Cyber Monday deals?

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