Vancouver Trip 2016

It doesn’t seem that long ago I was in Vancouver B.C. When my friend, W invited me for a quick getaway, I jumped at the chance.

As soon as we decided that we were going back to Vancouver, we looked into airfare and found that we would really prefer a nonstop flight to and from Vancouver.  We found our best option was Westjet.

Although we were both in Vancouver, we did our own things during the day and met up each night for dinner. The hotel that we choose this time was the Holiday Inn & Suites Vancouver Downtown. The location was ideal as it was close to both Granville Island and the rest of Downtown. She stayed on the 6th floor while I was on the 7th floor.

The weirdest thing about my room was the fact that there was a conference table/area in my suite! As comfortable as my bed was, it was super uncomfortable to sleep facing the conference area.

I spent my 4 days eating and visiting attractions that I didn’t get a chance to visit last year.

As much as I loved the food, the highlight of the trip was visiting Catfe . It was great to spend an hour drinking coffee and having fun with kitties!

I am slowly falling more and more in love with Vancouver. My friend, W and I are trying to make this an annual trip since we love the city so much.

Have you ever been to Vancouver? If so, what are your favorite activities to do or what are some of your favorite restaurants?

Until the next trip report!



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