Hong Kong and Taiwan Take 2: Macau

During my 4 days in Hong Kong, I also took a day trip to Macau.

Macau was definitely one of those destinations that I wanted to visit and explore. I didn’t get a chance to visit Macau in 2012 so I was determined to visit on this trip. There are several options to visit Macau from Hong Kong. I choose TurboJET as it was convenient and many people recommended it.

There are 2 classes available for TurboJET: Super Class and Economy Class. The difference between the 2 classes were that food was served in Super Class and when arriving, Super Class would disembark first so they can quickly go through immigration. I opted for the slightly more expensive Super Class for the sake of going through immigration as fast as I could so I could enjoy my 7 hours in Macau.

I had previously brought my tickets the day prior and arrived at the ferry terminal about an 1.5 hours before the departure. After showing the staff my ticket, I was assigned a seat on the upper deck (Super Class).


Bread with some sort of salad, fruit and water

The ferry ride was relatively smooth and we arrived in Macau in just a hour.


Arriving in Macau!

Super Class passengers were the first to disembark and I quickly made my way over to immigration when I was waved through in under 10 minutes. Now most people would take a casino shuttle to get into town but I was in a rush to head over to Macau Tower so I grabbed a taxi. My taxi driver was friendly and when he found out that it was my first time in Macau, he pointed out some sights for me and told me to be careful. Apparently, he has a daughter my age and also liked to travel solo.

You literally can’t miss the Macau Tower. At 338 meters (about 1,108 feet) high; it is kinda hard to miss. From the first time I thought about coming to Macau, I wanted to do the Skywalk. I was ready to face my fear of heights for that moment. After getting lost inside the Tower and paying for the experience (MOP$788 = about $98 USD), I rode the elevator to the deck. When you arrive, the staff member will give you a t-shirt and ask you to store your belongings in a coin locker. Since I was solo, I joined a Taiwanese family for during their walk. The 20 minute walk wasn’t that bad! (it was cloudy, so I couldn’t really see how far up I was). At one point, the staff member in charge of the bungee jump asked why didn’t I just bungee jump? It would have been over in 2 minutes instead of the 20 minute walk. I told him there was a difference of free-falling and walking in somewhat normal pace on the outer edge of the tower.


Trying to be brave!

After the Skywalk, I decided to walk around and try to take in the sights. In comparison to Hong Kong, Macau is much more laid-back. Senado Square was beautiful with so many beautiful buildings. Macau definitely had that Portuguese influence in the buildings and food.

After visiting  Senado Square, I ventured onto smaller streets and found some really beautiful buildings and foundations. After all that walking and exploring, I was getting hungry so I headed back to Senado Square for lunch.

After having lunch at Ou Mun Cafe, I casino-hopped! Getting onto the casino shuttle buses was super easy and very cost-effective (free!). Out of all the casinos that I visited, my favorite would have to be the Venetian.

This Venetian made the Venetian in Las Vegas look so small. But to be honest, it was like sensory overload and at times felt super overwhelming. By the time I finished visiting the Venetian, it was close to 6 PM so I made my way back to the ferry terminal to head back to Hong Kong.

Once again, I was in Super Class so I had a light dinner on the ferry. The water was quite choppy on the way back. When we got back to Hong Kong, the terminal was insanely busy. Immigration took a little longer than I liked but I was waved through almost immediately.

All in all, I thought Macau was okay. I’m glad that I finally got to visit but it isn’t somewhere I would go back in a heartbeat. I definitely made some new friends in Macau and I am super thankful/happy about that. Locals in Macau are definitely friendly than their Hong Kong neighbors.

Thank you for keeping up with this trip report, I know that it is a long one! I promise, I am almost done. Just a few more posts, stay tune!


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