Stitch Fix Review

I know, I know. This isn’t a trip report but I thought it might be fun to start sharing about some of my favorite services/subscriptions, etc.

Close friends of mine can tell you that I dislike clothes shopping. I don’t like walking into crowded stores and waiting in line for the fitting room and to pay. A colleague introduced me to Stitch Fix a year ago.

Per Stitch Fix’s About Us page, “For busy women on the go, Stitch FixⓇ is the personal styling service tailored to your taste, budget and lifestyle that helps you look and feel your best every day.” Do note there is a styling fee of $20 per fix, but the awesome thing is that if  you purchase something from your fix, the style fee is then use toward that item. If you don’t purchase anything, you would lose that credit.

I was super excited to try this service out as it would be the solution to my issue/problem of not wanting to go out to buy clothes but wanting new clothes. The website is very user friendly and the first part of signing up is filling out your style profile in which your “stylist” will pull items for you with. After you complete your style profile, you select when you want to receive your fix. From my experience, I’ve had fixes arrive 2 days early to arriving on the day of my schedule arrival day. The cool thing is that you can schedule your fix monthly or whenever you want them. After you receive your fix, you have 3 days to check-out (aka decide if you want to purchase anything).

Great thing about Stitch Fix is the free returns. When you receive your fix, a prepaid envelope is also included so you can just pack up the items you didn’t purchase and send it back via USPS. It is that simple!

I will say that my first few boxes (6 to be exact) were disappointments. It was probably my fault because I wasn’t giving feedback on the items received. I was receiving items that weren’t in my size and styles I didn’t like. I would keep one item or send the entire fix back. So I stopped scheduling these fixes for a few months. Finally I decided to try again and scheduled a fix for September 29, 2016.


My “fix”




Note from Stylist, Jaeda


Toms: Classic Marl Knit Slip On Flat


Collective Concepts: Elystan Crochet Detail Blouse


RetroD: Moana Elbow Patch Pullover


Loveappella: Kandice Knit Swing Dress & Barney Crochet Back Cardigan


List of prices


Prepaid return envelope

So…what did I think about the items?

Toms: Classic Marl Knit Slip On Flat
I returned the flats because I am not a big fan of knit flats.

Collective Concepts: Elystan Crochet Detail Blouse
Although this blouse fitted beautifully, I returned it as I couldn’t justify spending $64 on a blouse that I didn’t love.

RetroD: Moana Elbow Patch Pullover
I really loved this pullover so I decided to keep it. I know that it doesn’t get that cold in California for me to wear it frequently but I tend to travel during the cooler seasons and this would be a great addition to my travel wardrobe.

Loveappella: Kandice Knit Swing Dress
This dress fitted beautifully, but it just looked really weird around my midriff section (it made me look pregnant) so I had to return it.

Loveappella: Barney Crochet Back Cardigan
I also kept this cardigan as I have been looking for a cardigan for awhile now and I really like the crochet detail on the back.

So what was the damage? $119.52… was it worth it? Perhaps not, but I have brought less clothes for much more before. I feel that the pieces purchased will worn on a regular basis. After this fix, I probably won’t order another fix until November-ish (I order a fix every other month).


Have you tried Stitch Fix? If so, what do you like/dislike about the service?

If you are interested in trying Stitch Fix, please consider using my link and I will receive a credit when you order your first fix.

Until next time,


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