Hong Kong and Taiwan Take 2: Hong Kong

Despite my love-hate relationship with Hong Kong, it does hold a special place in my heart. When I was planning for this trip, I reflected back to the what happen in 2012 and I vowed that i was going to enjoy myself and boy was I glad that I gave “it” a second chance.

We arrived in Hong Kong a little early and immigration was quick and effective. By the time I got my luggage from the carousel, my driver was waiting for me at arrivals. I decided to hire an airport transfer instead of taking the MTR because I didn’t want to lug my luggage with me to get to the hotel. The drive took about 30-45 minutes and at times a bit sluggish due to traffic/construction.

I decided to stay at the Intercontinental Hong Kong for the first 2 nights. I was originally booked in a Superior Room but was upgraded at check-in to the Deluxe Harbourview Room! (probably because I have Platinum status). I must also note that the Intercontinental Hong Kong allowed me to check in at 10 AM, which was awesome 🙂


Unreal view from my room

During the time in Hong Kong, I went around explore Central. The funny thing was that I was staying in Tsim Sha Tsui (Kowloon) but I was mostly spending my time on Hong Kong Island, more specifically Central). Tip for those who want to visit Hong Kong Island when staying in Kowloon and vice versa, do yourself a favor a take the Star Ferry. It is super cheap at HK$2.50 ($.32 USD) weekdays for the 5-10 minute ride on the upper deck.

One highlight was visiting ATUM Desserant and having dessert for dinner. I made a reservation for 6:30 PM and when I got there, I was the only patron for that time slot. Score! It was like I had the whole place to myself.

I decided to indulge and ordered the “Improvisation” for HK$348 (around $44 USD) which also included tea or coffee. Could I finish a 2-person serving? Nope, but I still wanted to try this interesting dessert concept. Before anything, the pastry chef allow the diner to select a canvas. The choices were black, white or grey. I choose the grey option and the pastry chef brought out a beaker of juice (I think it was guava). Then it was showtime! The pastry chef explained all the ingredients and strategically placed them on the canvas. She also gave me bite-size samples of the desserts to nibble on during the hour long performance. At one point, the pastry chef asked if I wanted to participate in the placement of the desserts but I declined and said it was best to leave it to the professional.

Overall, I really enjoyed the dessert and the pastry chef was super friendly. I would recommend ATUM Desserant if you are heading to Hong Kong and want to try an innovative dessert experience.

I ate lots when I was in Hong Kong, but I walked mostly everywhere so the weigh-gain was not that apparent (thank goodness!).

For my last 2 nights in Hong Kong, I booked a room at the Hyatt Regency Hong Kong and was again upgraded at check-in. Of course the hotel wasn’t as nice as the Intercontinental Hong Kong but it was a comfortable 2 night stay.


View wasn’t as nice as the Intercontinental…

During my last day in Hong Kong, I decided to take it easy and visited Wong Tai Sin Temple. There were lots of activity despite it being only 9 AM.

After spending some time at Wong Tai Sin, I decided to go back to the hotel for some rest since I was starting to get sick. For some strange reason, every time I go to Hong Kong, I get sick. Not sure if it had something to do with the air and the pollution but my throat was killing me and all I wanted to do was nap.

Well folks, that was my Hong Kong adventures!
Stay tune for Macau 🙂


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