Hong Kong and Taiwan Take 2: KHH – HKG

KA 451
Airbus 333
April 5, 2016
8:00 AM – 9:25 AM (Scheduled)
7:52 AM – 8:56 AM (Actual?)
Seat 11A

I was at Kaohsiung International Airport by 6 AM for my 8 AM flight to Hong Kong. Check-in was relatively simple as there weren’t anyone in front of me. Unfortunately, after check-in, it was all downhill. Security and immigration took forever and by the time I was done, I only had a mere 20 minutes at the DragonAir lounge. The lounge wasn’t anything amazing, but it was nice to grab a quick bite (aka sandwich) and some juice.

Boarding was done in an orderly manner and was offered a pre-departure beverage when I got to my seat.

The breakfast menu:

Fresh fruit

Main Courses
Scrambled egg with mixed pepper in crepe and chicken sausage
Potato, broccoli and tomato


Stir fried noodle with pork and miso ginger sauce
Chinese dim sum

Bread Selection
Assorted breakfast bread
Served with preserves

The rest of the flight was pretty uneventful as it was just a short hop to Hong Kong. To be honest, I am continuously amaze that Asian airlines manage to serve food during such a short flight.


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