Hong Kong and Taiwan Take 2: Kaohsiung Day 2 and 3

The last 2 days in Kaohsiung were spent hanging out with Kathy and eating yummy food!

I finally met up with Kathy and we moved to our last hotel in Taiwan, FX INN Kaohsiung Zhonghua Road Branch. The hotel was very reasonable and it was close to the subway station and the Liouhe Night Market!

Although Taiwan is known for their awesome night markets, Kathy and I stumbled upon a nearly ghost deserted one. Now, I am not sure if we were early (highly doubtful) but there were literally no one around and more than 2/3 of the stalls were empty. After spending a little less than 30 minutes, we decided to leave.

Our last full day in Taiwan was filled with yummy food and just relaxing and enjoying our time together! First stop was Din Tai Fung for brunch. Just a tip, you may want to get there a little before they open because by the time we were seated there was a whole bunch of people waiting. We ordered a bunch of dishes to share and I tried some new xiaolongbao that I wouldn’t normally order.

After all the delicious food, it was time to walk off the food… or attempt to. The Dream Mall was our next destination and we thought about taking the free shuttle to the mall from the subway station. But fair warning, there will be super long lines. We took one look at the line and decided to take a taxi from the subway to the mall (it was hot and humid, so no walking for us). We spent the next few hours shopping and just relaxing in an air-conditioned building.

We made a quick trip back to hotel to drop off our purchases and get ready to head over to the LOVE Observation Deck. By the time we reached, Kathy barely found room to set up her tripod (did I mention that she is a photographer?). As Kathy set up, I found myself wandering around the area.

We decided after leaving the LOVE Observation Deck that we should visit the Dome of Light one more time. Now, before we go further; getting up the Love Deck was quite simple as we were able to flag down a taxi. Going down is whole different story, especially when it is dark and you sort of lose your sense of direction. Kathy found a food stall and ask the owner if he would call us a taxi and the owner said no problem and was super nice about it. Apparently this owner calls taxis a lot since people who visit the Observation Deck tend to leave after it gets dark.


Again, I highly recommend the Dome of Light when visiting Kaohsiung. There is something magical and surreal about looking up and seeing this amazing piece of art. As we headed back to our hotel, we stopped by the Liouhe Night Market to grab some goodies (aka food). And of course, what do I see? Penis shape pineapple cakes for sale! It was definitely an interesting way to end the night.

Up next, Hong Kong bound!


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