Hong Kong and Taiwan Take 2: Taipei Day 2

After falling in love with Taiwan in 2012, I decided to head back for my biennial Asia Trip.

Hong Kong and Taiwan Take 2: Planning
Hong Kong and Taiwan Take 2: LAX to SFO
Hong Kong and Taiwan Take 2: San Francisco
Hong Kong and Taiwan Take 2: Cathay Pacific Lounge at SFO
Hong Kong and Taiwan Take 2: SFO to HKG
Hong Kong and Taiwan Take 2: HKG to TPE
Hong Kong and Taiwan Take 2: Taipei Day 1

Day 2 began with me waking at 3:00 AM (the joys of jetlag) and realizing the MRT wouldn’t be open for another few hours. I did what any sensible person did… played Candy Crush on my smartphone :P. When 6:30 AM hit, I left my hotel to head to Longshan (Lungshan) Temple.


The temple is gorgeous, I loved the architecture of it. I only stayed for 30 minutes as more and more people were visiting. I went back to the hotel to try to get some more sleep, but was unsuccessful. It seem like my body and mind didn’t want to sleep. At this point, I was starving. I looked up places for a traditional Taiwanese breakfast and found one that was really popular with locals and tourist, Fuhang Doujiang.


The line up here is no joke. By the time I got the location, there was already a line forming. But luckily for me, the line moved relatively quick so I was upstairs in 25 minutes. The style here is like cafeteria style. You first tell the staff what kind of doujiang (soymilk) you want: Hot/Cold, Sweet/Savory, Here or To-Go. After that, you let another staff member know what you would like to order. I highly recommend you either write down what you want or have someone speak Chinese with you as the menu is Chinese only. After ordering, you move down the line to pay. This place is CASH ONLY! I ordered a cold sweet soymilk and a rice roll. I don’t remember the exactly price for the food but I believe it was less than $3 USD.

Cold sweet doujiang
Fan Tuan (aka Rice Roll)

After having breakfast, I decided to do some shopping. I headed to several department stores and all in all, spent about 4 to 5 hours shopping and traveling. I didn’t really eat lunch or dinner, just went to convenient stores to grab some rice balls/sandwiches and some drinks.

And once again, I was still jetlagged. As soon as I finished my shower, I knocked out again.


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