Hong Kong and Taiwan Take 2: HKG – TPE

Hi All!

if you missed my review/report on Cathay Pacific’s flight from San Francisco to Hong Kong, click here.  Next up, Cathay Pacific flight from Hong Kong to Taipei!

CX 496 474
Boeing 777
March 28, 2016
7:05 AM- 8:55 AM 8:10 AM – 9:31 AM
Seat 2A 15A

I knew it… I missed my connection upon arrival in Hong Kong. As soon as I deplaned there was a Cathay agent with my original flight on a name card and it looked like I wasn’t the only one who missed their connection. I was protected on the next flight to Taipei except I was downgraded to Business Class because First Class was already full. At this point I didn’t care it was a downgrade, I just wanted to get to Taipei as soon as I can. Since my new flight will start to board soon, I didn’t make it to a lounge. I was assigned 15A, which was a bulkhead window seat that was missing a window. Normally I would be upset but this is only an hour flight so I didn’t really care much.

Comfy Business Class seat

Even with this short flight, breakfast was served. Keep in mind, I was just fed about 2 hours prior so I just got the light option. It isn’t the best dim sum but it was quite good for airplane food.

Chinese dim sum: Asparagus dumpling, shrimp fun gor, scallop siu mai, chicken glutinous rice.

And before I knew it, the captain announced that we would be descending into Taoyuan International Airport.

Overall the flight was fine, we arrived in Taipei a little early and the flight crew was friendly. Now the bigger question would be “Did my checked luggage make the trip?”. We would have to see… in my next post!


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