Hong Kong and Taiwan Take 2: SFO – HKG

Hello All, welcome back to my trip report! Previously on “Hong Kong and Taiwan Take 2, I had just had a delicious bowl of wonton noodle soup from the Cathay Pacific Noodle Bar and was heading toward my flight. Without further ado, SFO – HKG!

CX 873
Boeing 777
March 27, 2016
12:50 AM – 6:10 AM (+1) Scheduled
01:05 AM – 6:46 AM (+1) Actual
Seat 2A

I must have walked really fast or the Lounge was super close to the gate. When I got to the gate, there was still time to go before boarding so I walked back to the duty free to browse. Unfortunately, nothing caught my attention so back to the gate I went.

By the time I got back, First Class was already called so I went line to board with Business Class. When I entered the aircraft, I was lead to my seat by a flight attendant she asked what I would like to drink. Of course, since this is Cathay Pacific First Class, I replied “Krug” please. A couple minutes later, she returned with Krug and an amuse bouche for me to enjoy. Pajamas and amenity kit were out out next (I can’t remember if the noise-cancelling headphones were already at my seat or if they were bought out with the pajamas and amenity kit). As I am enjoying my amuse bouche and Krug (which I think it is okay, not a big champagne connoisseur), I noticed that everyone was boarding through First Class. It was a bit awkward since you are trying to eat and people are walking by and making comments/watching you eat.

Krug and Amuse bouche

Super comfy First Class Seat
Amenity Kit

We departed about 15 minutes behind schedule and as soon as we hit cruising altitude, the flight attendants prepared for supper service. I went for the International selections instead of Chinese Favorites because well, I have Chinese food at home everyday so I figure I should go with the other selection.

Caviar to start the meal
Lemon pepper linguine, zucchini and roasted red pepper sauce. The flavor was there, the pasta unfortunately was way too dry.
Camembert, Yellow Cheddar, Danish Blue, Herb Goat Cheese

The flight attendant noticed that I was only nibbling on my cheese plate and offered me another dessert from the menu but I  requested ice cream and an iced Hong Kong style milk tea and it was promptly bought to me.

Ice Cream… Yum 🙂
Iced Hong Kong Style Milk Tea

After all the food, I was beginning to feel a food coma coming on. I headed in to the toilet to change into my pajamas and when I returned… a comfy bed was calling out to me.

Doesn’t this look comfortable? I slept great!

I slept an amazing 7 hours! I would have slept later if I didn’t need to get up and walk around. While I was awake, the flight attendant asked if I would like anything to drink so I ordered the Oriental Breeze, one of Cathay Pacific’s signature drinks. I was really looking forward to the Cathay Delight… but found out that they only serve it during the even months 😦

Oriental Breeze with a view…

I ended up watching a few movies that I wanted to see to pass time. About 2.5 hours out of Hong Kong, the flight attendant asked if I would like to have breakfast.

Mango Smoothie and fresh fruit (notice the egg looking thing in the upper left hand corner? that is the salt and pepper shaker!)
Scrambled eggs, grilled apple wood smoked bacon, roesti potatoes, grilled Roma tomato and mushroom
“After breakfast drink”

After breakfast and watching the moving map, I knew there was no way I would make my connection in Hong Kong. We were landing 30 minutes behind schedule and I had a checked bag so I told myself that I would be okay. Cathay would protect me on the next flight, but as to if I would get a first or business or economy seat? I had no idea.

Nevertheless, this flight was great. The flight attendants were friendly and engaging. The only con would be the supper meal (first meal) I had where the pasta was overcooked/dry. No wonder Cathay Pacific First Class has raved reviews, the hard product was great and the service was impeccable. I highly recommend Cathay Pacific First Class if you have the chance. I am glad to check this off my aspiration/bucket list.


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