Hong Kong and Taiwan Take 2: Cathay Pacific Lounge at SFO

Check-in was a breeze as it only took about 5 minutes (with checked luggage), I checked-in online the night before and there was no one else ahead of me. As I was checking in, the agent advised that there is a high chance that I would miss my connecting flight in Hong Kong. He has inputted into the system for an assistance upon arrival in Hong Kong.

Security was also quite fast as I passed through in 15 minutes.  I headed to the Cathay Pacific Lounge as I was looking forward to trying the Noodle Bar and I really needed a shower. There were 3 lounge agents and I was immediately welcome in when I presented my boarding pass. I requested a shower room and was given the key for shower room #3. The shower room was clean and all the included all the amenities one would need (shampoo/conditioner/shower/hair dryer/towels and etc.)

After my shower, I returned the shower room key to the agent and decided to settle down and grab some food aka try the noodle bar! I ordered the wonton noodle soup and was given a buzzer to wait. After a few minutes, my buzzer rang and I got my wonton noodles.

This really hit the spot 🙂 

Other than the wonton noodle soup, I didn’t really eat much. I was saving tummy room for the meal onboard. For the time being, I just basically charged all my electronics and sent out some emails. I also tried to people watch in the lounge but wasn’t really having any luck as the lounge was pretty empty. And before you know it, it was T-45 minutes til boarding so I left the lounge and headed to the boarding gate.


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