Hong Kong and Taiwan Take 2: San Francisco

The flight arrived in San Francisco only 12 minutes after the delays. I was picked up by my cousin, J who took a day off work to hang out with me during my long layover.

Since I didn’t eat much on the plane, we headed to Japantown for some lunch. We headed to Udon Mugizo for some udon, I ordered the shrimp tempura udon and it was delicious.

Shrimp Tempura Udon

After lunch, we walked around a bit before heading over to KitTea to spend some quality playing time with kittens! One of my biggest regrets about Japan in 2014 was not visiting a cat cafe. Let me just say, that this place is pricey. $25/ hour per person will get you an hour of kitty time in the Cat Lounge and bottomless green tea. Although pricey, I loved it. There were about 8-10 cats in the lounge with a couple more kittens in the back. Our cat wrangler (I want to call him Jeff…) helped answer questions about the cats and took our orders for the bottomless green teas.

Some cat pictures for you guys to enjoy 😀

This one really liked this wheel…
So…whatcha doing?
My fave, Mimi! She isn’t adoptable, her mom (who works at KitTea) was on vacation, she was filling in.
This one really liked the sun.
One of the kittens in the back who wasn’t old enough to venture to the lounge yet.

Overall, we had an awesome time with the cats. I would definitely want to go back the next time I’m in San Francisco. After playing with cats, what did we do next? We went to Smitten for some ice cream.

Liquid Nitrogen Salted Caramel Ice Cream

After ice cream, it was time to visit one of my favorite places in San Francisco, Twin Peaks. I always make a point to visit whenever I’m in San Francisco.

IMG_20160326_193914 IMG_20160326_193844
Twin Peaks, just after sunset
20160326_200952 20160326_200932
Twin Peaks, Night view

Around 9:30 PM, we headed for the airport.

Until next time, San Francisco!


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