#TTT: Japan Edition – Bullet Train (Part One)

The bullet train (shinkansen) is a great way to travel between the many prefectures of Japan. Today`s edition will discuss when you should arrive to take the bullet train.

When is the appropriate time to arrive at the station and line up for your bullet train? You technically don`t need to be waiting on the platform for more than 20 minutes. Bullet trains have cars with and without reserved seating (more are reserved seating however). If you do not have a reserved seat, then you still don`t need to wait in line for more than 20 minutes before to train departs.

What happens when you miss your bullet train and it leaves you behind like a dramatic break up scene where your arm is reaching out to grasp it? Don`t fret. If you explain to the employees that you missed you designated time slot, they will allow you to take the next one. However, keep in mind that you might need to stand or take the unreserved seating car. And if you`re traveling for more than an hour, you`re gonna want to sit down.

Haejinより ❤


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