A Canadian Birthday: Day 2

We woke up relatively early on Day 2 as we were going to be heading up to Grouse Mountain to go ziplining! Let me say first that I am extremely terrify of heights, so why am I going to go ziplining?! My good friend, W said that she would come with me to Vancouver if I went ziplining so I agreed. Our 5- line cost $124.95CAD (about $95.20USD). As soon as we were almost ready to leave, I called down to the front desk and asked for a taxi. We had decided to take a taxi to Canada Place to catch the complimentary shuttle bus. We arrived around 8:30 AM for the 9 AM shuttle bus. We didn’t know exactly know where line up for the bus so we went to a nearby kiosk to asked.

Since it was still early, we decided to head over to Tim Hortons for breakfast. 5 minutes before 9 AM, we headed back across for the street for the shuttle bus. It turns out that you needed a number to get on the bus and no one mentioned that prior (especially when we went to the kiosk to ask). The guy who was collecting the numbers said that the next shuttle bus would be at 9:30 AM and unfortunately that didn’t work for us since our zip line appointment was at 10 AM. He very rudely told me to call and change our zipline appointment. Like really? He would say something like that to a customer who already purchased tickets?  My friend and I opted to take a $40CAD (about $30USD) taxi ride to make our appointment.

We arrived around 9:30 AM and immediately went to the kiosk to get our tickets to get into Grouse Mountain. We ordered/brought our tickets via email because we couldn’t call to purchase our tickets (calls to Canada are expensive!). We went advised to bring our confirmation and then exchange the confirmation for tickets.

Grouse Mountain ticket

After exchanging tickets, we headed over to the Ziplining building to put our things away and sign the waivers. They do have rental lockers available for $1CAD (aka loonie). Since we arrived a bit early, we were able to take our time browsing the store and using the restroom. During this adventure, I opted to not bring my camera or cellphone with me. I left mine in locker but my friend decided to bring hers. We later found out that the equipment had a pocket on the back so I could have bought my cellphone if I wanted to. Our tour group was quite small, 10 people plus the 2 tour guides.

Before heading out, we were briefed on the bracing position (braking) and shown the equipment we were going to carry from line to line. It wasn’t that bad, but it did weigh 13 pounds…

I won’t go into details about the tour but it did take about 1.5 hours including 2 15-minute chair lift trips (round trip). It was the most terrifying 1.5 hours of my life, but my friend had a blast and was already thinking about doing more ziplining tours. I told her that the next time she goes ziplining, don’t call me. I literally thought that I was going to have a heart attack during the tour.

We made it just in time for the 12:00 PM shuttle bus back to Canada Place. I definitely recommend booking the zipline tour or visiting Grouse Mountain early because there were a lot of people heading into Grouse Mountain when we left. We also had no issues taking the shuttle bus as it wasn’t full and we were able to stretch out.

One last look before leaving Grouse Mountain…

 We were starving by the time we got back to Canada Place. We decided on Fatburger for a late lunch. And of course what do we order… breakfast! I ordered the L – Breakfast Special (2 eggs over easy with home-style hash browns and Texas toast with a strips of maple bacon).

Breakfast for Lunch 🙂

After returning to the hotel, I took a short nap and then head over to Kitsilano for a spa treatment. The hour long treatment completely relaxed me and I walked around a bit before it was time for dinner. I headed back to the hotel and we opted to head to Basil Pasta Bar to grab dinner and I ordered the create your own dish option. The food was quite good and the portion were generous for the price ($7.95CAD = $6USD).


Other than the shuttle bus incident earlier on during the day, the rest of the day went off without a hitch.

Until next time,



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