A Canadian Birthday: Day 1

We landed in Vancouver ahead of schedule and breezed through immigration. We then went ahead and brought tickets for the SkyTrain to our hotel in Downtown Vancouver. The weather was glorious! I had to wear a cardigan! Anyhow, back to the trip…

We took the SkyTrain from the airport to Yaletown-Roundhouse Station ($7.75CAD = $6USD) and our hotel was a brief 5-7 minutes from the station.By the time we arrived at the hotel, it was just barely 2 PM and our check-in wasn’t for another hour, but the friendly agent found us a room on the 6th floor to check into. Unfortunately, our room were only steps away from the elevator, meaning lots of foot traffic. Nevertheless, we were quite happy to be able to check in and getting ready to explore Granville Island.

Our hotel room, smaller than I anticipated

We dropped off our luggage headed back downstairs to ask what was the best way to get to Granville Island. We were advised taking the ferry was the best way to get to Granville Island and given directions. After a brief 10 minute walk, we were at the ferry dock. The ferry to Granville Island took less than 5 minutes and it was a really nice way of getting there. The total cost of round trip ferry was only $5.50CAD (about $4.26USD).

Hornby Street Dock to board the Aquabus ferry


Arriving at Granville Island

I absolutely loved the Public Market, it was really fun just wandering all the stalls and trying to decide what to eat.

Lee’s Donuts

Chocolate Bavarian Cream 

View from Granville Island Dock

In the end, we stayed in Granville Island for 2-3 hours before heading back to the hotel to nap. After napping for a couple of hours, we headed around the corner of the hotel to Fritz European Fry House. I ordered a medium fritz with the garlic lovers dip. Total cost was $5.75CAD (about $4.45USD).

Medium Fritz with Garlic Lover dip

After the delicious snack, we headed off to bed because we had a full day ahead of ourselves.

Until next time,



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