A Canadian Birthday: Getting to Vancouver Part 2

After arriving at Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport, we still had 1.5 hours layover before heading to Vancouver. We just headed straight to our gate and picked up some snacks along the way.

AA 506
Airbus 320
September 12, 2015
10:10 AM- 01:10 PM
Seat 13E

It seems like I was destined to sit middle seats on this trip. The American Airlines agent once again assigned me a middle seat for this sector of the trip to Vancouver. Once again, we were able to board in Zone 2 and were able to put our carry-on bags in the overhead compartment.

After we reached cruising altitude, the flight attendants did a beverage service and that was about it. This was a really boring flight in my option because I left my magazine in my carry-on bag and I didn’t want to get out of my seat to grab it. So for the remainder of the flight, I just listened to music on my iPod Touch and played Candy Crush on my phone. And before I knew it, the captain announced that we were descending soon.

Overall, the flight wasn’t bad. It was a bit boring since there were no entertainment on board and I forgot my magazine in my carry-on.

Ginger ale to quench my thirst…

Stay tune for the next post!



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