A Canadian Birthday: Getting to LAX

As usual, the most difficult thing about my trips are getting to the airport. For this trip, I opted to call a shuttle via Shuttle 2 LAX. I know that there are mixed reviews in regards to this company, but I have never had any issues with them so I booked them for a 4 AM pickup for my 7:30 AM flight.

As it was meant to happen or whatnot, I received an email that my shuttle pickup was bumped up to 3:40 AM. It was only going 20 minutes earlier than my original pickup but I was still a bit annoyed.

Prime Time Shuttle

Then about 8 hours before my flight, I received an email from American Airlines advising of an 2 hour delay with our flight from LAX – PHX. It was a huge issue, as this flight would arrive in Phoenix around 10:30 AM, thus missing our connecting flight. I immediately contacted American Airlines and changed to the 6:50 AM flight so we would be able to make our 10 AM connection to Vancouver.

Since my shuttle pickup was bumped up to 3:40 AM, this went extremely well with the new flight. My friend on the other hand didn’t. Her shuttle time was delayed about 20 minutes O.O and she lives further than the airport than I do. My shuttle arrived around 3:30 AM and I was the last pickup so off we went to the airport.

I arrived at Terminal 6 in literally half an hour as there were no traffic at 4 AM in the morning. I was really irked at that some of the agents the US Airways check-in counter were a bit rude. One agent in particular showed almost no customer service at all, demanding people use the kiosk to check in. I understand that it would be easier it may be better for passengers to use the kiosk to check-in and gather the boarding passes, but there are people who feels more comfortable checking in with an agent. It also didn’t help that one agent acted like a bouncer and deferred passengers from trying to get in line to speak to a check-in agent.

About an hour after my check-in, my friend arrived at the airport. After 10 minutes of trying to check her in and unable to check-in a bag, we were advised by a nice agent to speak to someone at the counter. After the issue was fixed, we went through security. Since, I have Global Entry, I got TSA Pre-Check and so did my friend! We were traveling under the same confirmation code hence she received that benefit as well. After getting through in 10 minutes, we went to Starbucks to grab some coffee and pastries and head to our gate.



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