The Premium Experience: Last Day in Seoul

After an awesome 2 weeks in Japan and S.Korea, it was the day to return home to reality. We checked out of the hotel around 10am and we agreed to meet back at the hotel around 1pm so we could collect our luggages and head to the airport express station. I went back to Myeongdong to grab Gong Cha one last time and decided to try Din Tai Fung. I wanted to see if it was different than the Din Tai Fung in Taiwan and Los Angeles.

Shrimp xiaolongbao ₩10,000 (about $9USD)

Shrimp xiaolongbao
DSC03646 DSC03645
Din Tai Fung, Myeongdong

After heading back to the hotel to meet Kathy, we collected our luggages and the hotel hailed a taxi for us to get to Seoul Station. We purchased our Airport Express tickets and we were on our way. The great thing about Seoul Station was that I was able to check into my flight and completed my immigration check. I would only have to go through security at the airport. A short 30-45 minutes, we arrived at Seoul Incheon Airport, we said our final goodbyes and wished each other a safe flight home. Kathy headed to the concourse while I stayed at the main terminal. Security was pretty easy since I was able to use the crew line because I cleared immigration at Seoul Station. There was a pilot (airline will not be named) in line ahead of me who told me I was in the wrong line.

I didn’t have enough time to use the Asiana First Class Lounge as I arrived at the boarding gate just as the gate agents called for Travel Class (Economy) boarding.

Goodbye S.Korea! Thanks for all the memories 🙂



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