The Premium Experience: Seoul Day 4

On our last full day in Seoul, I was determined to try the Dosirak Cafe. So I made the trek back to Tongin Market and this time, the cafe was open. I paid the staff ₩5,000 (about $4.55USD) in exchange for 10 coins and a lunch tray. It was quite fun walking around the market and keeping an eye out for the cafe sign at each stall.

Tongin Market
Heading to the Cafe…
My lunch! I paid an additional ₩1,000 (about 91¢USD) for the rice.

It was fun sitting with strangers, most were office workers taking advantage of the cheap and filling lunch.

After lunch, I decided to check out the Unhyeon Palace. The palace was simple yet beautiful.

Map of the palace
Entrance to the palace
One of the buildings.

After spending a good hour or so at the palace. I decided to visit the 63 Building. There wasn’t really anything spectacular about the building, but the view was quite nice.

Walking to the 63 Building… it was quite a long walk.
63 Building
Some views from the observatory deck

Prior to me heading out to the Tongin Market, we had changed hotels yet again. Our last hotel was the Westin Chosun, Seoul. I redeemed this stay with 12,000 Starpoints. This hotel was in the perfect location, literally right next to the Lotte Department Store/Lotte Hotel and a short (about a 5-10 minute) walk to Myeongdong.

View from our room… not the nicest view, but it was a nice room.

I decided to grab some Jajangmyeon (자장면). The hotel concierge gave me some recommendations and I just headed to the one that was closest to the hotel.


After a couple hours of shopping in Myeongdong, I headed back to the hotel to pack and get some sleep.



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