The Premium Experience: Park Hyatt Seoul

I originally wasn’t going to do any hotel reviews on this trip, hence no hotel room pictures. But I really wanted to share my experience.

First and foremost, The Park Hyatt Seoul is probably the nicest hotel that I have stayed at and will be probably be the most experience. The room would have set us back ₩465000 (about $430USD) a night! We stayed for 2 nights so it would have been ₩1023000 (about $945USD) including the ₩93000 (about $86USD) Value Added Tax. We only paid the $60USD upgrade fee since my original 2 free nights only allowed for a Park King room but we upgraded to Park Deluxe Twin room.

I picked the Park Hyatt Seoul for 2 simple reasons:

1. Every guestroom has floor-to-ceiling windows (awesome views)
2. The hotel was located in Gangnam (Gangnam Style, anyone?)

I made the mistake not researching more on the hotel before our arrival. Had I done so, I would have known to exit at exit 1 instead of whatever exit we did. The hotel is literally in front of exit 1 of the Samseong Station. Instead, we took a taxi to the hotel and our taxi driver thought we were going to the Grand Hyatt Seoul instead of the Park Hyatt Seoul. Luckily, I mentioned to our driver that the hotel should be nearby and we found it after 10+ minutes (-_-‘).

As soon as our taxi pulled up to the hotel, there were literally 2 employees opening doors and retrieving our bags. They asked for my last name and notified the front desk of our arrival. We were escorted to the elevator to the lobby (on the 24th floor). Once we arrived, the check-in staff greeted us and proceed to check us in. Our room was located on the 21st floor, away from the elevators (just as I like it). Now if there were any complaints about this hotel would be their confusing elevators; in order to get to our room, we would need to take the elevator to the 24th floor and then change elevators to go down 4 floors to our door.

Our room was quite big and it was very clean and had lots of natural light due to the floor-to-ceiling windows. The bathroom had this amazing shower and a very beautiful marble bathtub. There was also a vanity table right outside the bathroom in front of the toilet.

Now, I won’t go into details of the hotel details because quite frankly, I don’t really remember much. But the two nights that we stayed were really really nice. If I was wealthy, I would totally stay at the Park Hyatt Seoul again.

DSC03568 DSC03577
Night and Day view from our room (21st Floor)

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*The Hyatt Card is available to U.S. residents that have a valid permanent home address within the 50 United States or the District of Columbia only.



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