The Premium Experience: Seoul Day 1

The flight was pretty uneventful so I decided not to blog about it. (I also lost my notebook with all the prices, I will try to remember the exact pricings).

I arrived a good 30 minutes or so before Kathy. We choose the Hostel Lian for the night. We each paid ₩25,000 (about $23USD) Right after we checked-in, we headed to the G25 to purchase our subway cards. After that, we headed to Honghae for the Hongdae Free Market (홍대 프리마켓). It was pretty crowded but it was totally worth it! So many artistes selling one of a kind items. But first, a stop at Gong Cha for boba!

Honey Milk Tea with Boba (It was really good ^-^)
The artist who drew me! Doesn’t it look like me? ^-^
Um… what is Kathy doing?
Ohhh! This artist is drawing her!
The artist with Kathy, the finished product looked so good
Both of us got Korean Name Stamps (Dojang). The artist on the left is the one who craves it!

After spending a few hours at the Market, we decided to go to a name salon and get a haircut/highlights. We decided on Juno Hair (a chain hair salon) because we knew that we would get someone who spoke English (this was extremely important). It did take us awhile to find the salon but we got assistance from the tourist center.

We were greeted almost immediately by the receptionist who directed us to the waiting area. A few minutes our stylist came and asked what we wanted to do. Kathy just wanted a haircut while I wanted highlights and a cut. Initially I was not going to do the highlights because of the price but she was able to give me a discount and I agreed. We were then directed to a locker area where we could keep our personal belongings and we were given keys to retrieve our items later on. We were then directed to stay at this large table to wait. Immediately, an assistant arrived and asked if we would like something to drink and some snacks.

A little over 2 hours later, we were done. Feeling a little hungry, we decided to head to this random restaurant and had dinner. The portions were massive!

DSC03544 DSC03545
The portions were massive, I believe we had to take the remaining food home.

After the long day, we went back to our hostel and slept (after showering of course).



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