The Premium Experience: Jeju Island Day 3

It was our last morning/dawn in Jeju before we flew back to Seoul that mid-morning. Prior to our trip to Jeju, we discussed that we wanted to see the sunrise at Seongsan Ilchulbong (Sunrise Peak). The previous night, we had asked our hostel host to call a taxi and negotiated the rate for us. Our negotiated rate was ₩60,000 (about $57USD) for the 2 hour round trip. I will be brutally honest, I don’t remember exactly when the taxi arrived to pick us up. I think we got picked up around 4 AM. The drive was an hour long and it was a bit difficult seeing the scenery this early. We arrived around 5 AM and hiked up to the peak. Quick tip, wear comfortable shoes! The hike wasn’t too bad but it was dark and the lights weren’t on yet so we had to rely on my trusty cellphone flashlight.

I would say that it took us a little more than half an hour to get up to the peak and there were already some people there. Kathy went ahead and set up her camera while I tried really hard to not fall asleep.

DSC03463 Just waiting for the sun to make an appearance…
DSC03464 The view was really beautiful

Although I was a bit sleepy and a bit cold, I toughed it out and stayed awake. Unlucky for us, we couldn’t see the sunrise. A bit disappointed but the views were really pretty and the people who were there were really friendly and made it a fun atmosphere. Soon, after waiting for a little over an hour, we decided to leave and head back to our hostel for breakfast and check out.

DSC03472 I was really sleepy but managed to stay awake…
DSC03475 On our way down..
DSC03486 The peak from the ground
DSC03489 UNESCO World Heritage Site
DSC03498 Found a couple dol hareubangs

We made it back to our hostel around 7:30AM and I quickly made a beeline for the communal kitchen and prepped my breakfast. The hostel provided cooking pans, utensils, eggs and bread for breakfast (between 7 – 10 AM). I quickly made myself scrambled eggs and toast along with a cup of orange juice. Afterward, we went back to our room and made sure we packed everything and checked out.

We decided to grab a taxi and off we went to the airport. It took about 10 minutes and 4000₩ (about $3.70USD). Once again, Kathy and I were traveling on different flights so we separated once we checked in.

DSC03511 DSC03513
Goodbye Jeju, thanks for all the memories 🙂



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