The Premium Experience: Jeju Island Day 2

After a good night sleep, we decided to get a head start with our day since we will be checking out of our current hostel and into a new one later on the day. We checked out and left our luggage at our hostel while we went out to explore. Once again we decided to split up because I wanted to go to the Teddy Bear Museum and Kathy wanted to visit the Green Tea Museum ( I believe it was the O’sulloc Museum). We both decided to share a cab to our destinations. Since we didn’t get sim cards for Jeju, we had agreed to meet up at 11:45 AM in front of the Teddy Bear Museum so we could go back to our hostel. This is extremely tricky because I did not have any forms of contacting Kathy should anything happen.

The admission to the museum was ₩7000 (about $6.44USD)

Museum Entrance
Just hanging out with some bears 😛

The primary reason why I wanted to visit the Teddy Bear Museum was because of the Korean Drama: Goong. There was a small display of some of the bears that were used in the drama.

The main cast and the two main characters of the drama
DSC03385  DSC03387
Ballerina Teddy (2nd female lead) and the main couple’s wedding
DSC03388 DSC03389
Alfred the bear and a brief description plaque of Goong.

Walking around the museum was exhausting and before I knew it, I was hungry. I decided to head downstairs to Lotteria. I ordered Shrimp Burger set (shrimp burger, 2 mozzarella sticks and a medium soft drink) for ₩6000 (about$5.52USD)

DSC03405 DSC03406
Brunch for ₩6000 (about $5.52USD) and it was delicious 🙂

After brunch, I went back to exploring the museum for a little bit before meeting up with Kathy.

DSC03439 DSC03440
This display was probably my favorite. It was a scene of a traditional Korean wedding 🙂

I left the museum a few minutes prior to our meeting time and grabbed a drink from Starbucks and waited for Kathy. Kathy arrived about 10 minutes later and we headed back to our hostel to pick up our luggage.

I don’t exactly remember how long it took to get to our new hostel, You & I Guesthouse but our new hostel is literally less than 10 minutes from Jeju International Airport. After setting into our new room for the night, we decided to walk about the area and grab some lunch.

I believe this is Dak galbi… it was really spicy for me >.<

When we return to our hostel, the front desk staff let us know that there was a festival going on that night and advise that we should visit. And we did, unfortunately for us, we missed most of the fireworks…

DSC03453 DSC03454

But the food and atmosphere more than made up for us missing the fireworks.

All in all, I spent ₩64,150 (about $58USD) on our last night on Jeju Island.



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