The Premium Experience: Jeju Island Day 1

We arrived at Jeju International Airport about 10 minutes ahead of schedule and my luggage was among one of the first at the carousel. After exiting the baggage area, I immediately went to purchase a bus ticket to my hostel, located in Seogwipo The airport limousine bus cost ₩5500 (about $ 5.10USD). The bus was super crowded as it made stops at major hotels. I normally don’t get motion sickness but I seriously got motion sickness from riding the bus. In the end, the staff at the airport gave me incorrect information to where the hostel was and it was actually 3 stops from where I got off, so I hailed a taxi to take me to the hostel. The ride took about 10 minutes and cost ₩4000.

Kathy was already at the hostel (Minjoonggak Guesthouse) when I arrived and the hostel host quickly called for Kathy to inform her that I had arrived. We each paid  This hostel also did not have any elevators so I had to lug my luggage up to our room on the 2nd floor. Our room seriously felt like we were staying at someone’s house instead of a hostel. It was really big (bigger than my own room at home). It also had a desktop computer along with a mini refrigerator. After settling in, we decided to have Korean Barbeque and Kathy knew just the place for this.  Our hostel was located near the “Food Street” with tons of restaurant. We picked the first Korean BBQ restaurant we saw. There was nothing fancy about the restaurant, simple chairs and tables but we also saw quite a few locals dinning so we figured it was a good place to eat. Most of the menu was in Korean but the waitress was very friendly and did her best and we ordered the Pork Belly and the Jeju Black Pig.

DSC03359 Pork Belly and Jeju Black Pig
DSC03360 “Sizzling”
DSC03361 My first meal in Jeju ^-^

The meal was delicious and very affordable, only ₩29,000 (about $27USD).

At the end of day, I spent ₩55,600 (about $52USD) including the waffle at Gimpo Airport and the airport limousine bus from Incheon to Gimpo.



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