The Premium Experience: GMP – CJU

KE 1231
Boeing 747
April 3, 2014
2:00- 3:05 PM
Seat 8J

It was after my snack that I realized that our plane was at a remote stand, meaning we would have to get bused out to the aircraft. I absolutely hate remote stands because they pile as many people as they can into the buses and drive you out to the aircraft. At the gate, there were 2 lines: 1 Sky Priority line and a Regular line. And to be quite honest, I don’t understand the need for the 2 lines since people in the Sky Priority line got onto the same crowd bus as the regular line. So far, my experience was Korean Air was not to a good start and some people might say that is a “first world problem”. The only redeeming factor was the fact that we got to walk up to aircraft and it felt awesome to see the 747 up close and it is then you realize how massive the aircraft is. I absolutely love the 747 and it saddens me that many airlines are retiring this legendary plane in favor of the Airbus A380. No matter what anyone says, the 747 will always be the Queen of the Skies in my eyes.

DSC03344 DSC03345  DSC03347
How cool is that?! Seeing the 747 up close 🙂

A flight attendant welcomed me on board and pointed me to my seat instead of escorting me to my seat. Another bad thing about remote stand boarding is that the flight attendants always seem to be in a rush. There was no PDB but we did depart on time.

DSC03348 DSC03349
Got 2 seats to myself with plenty of legroom 🙂

Since this was such a short time (less than an hour), we did get a beverage service with 2 drink options. Water or Jeju Orange juice. The rest of the flight was uneventful since the flight was so short but we landed about 10 minutes ahead of schedule. It also did take a bit longer for the luggage to appear at the luggage carousel.


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