The Premium Experience: Transit from Incheon to Gimpo and KAL Lounge

As soon as the door of the plane open, I was the first person down the jetway as I had a tight connection to make. I wasn’t transiting through Incheon, oh no. My next flight to Jeju Island was departing from Gimpo Airport!

The distance between Incheon and Gimpo was about 21 miles away so I had to be as quick as possible. I had a little over 2 hours to make the connection and luckily for me, my roller was the first to come out at the luggage carousel. I then moved with purpose over to Immigration and was immediately waved through. I was a bit worried about Immigration since I wasn’t sure how busy they were. I decided at that point to take the limousine bus instead of the train because I would have had to lug my luggage to and from the train platform over to the terminal and etc. You can purchase the limousine bus tickets outside and counter was very easy to find. You can’t miss it once you exit, it looks like a giant box. The limousine bus cost ₩7500 (about $7.00USD). I was lucky that I already had some South Korean Won with me so it was super easy to make the purchase.

The limousine bus was already pulling away right as I purchased my ticket, but the employee saw my ticket for the limousine bus quickly called the bus to stop and immediately loaded my roller in the storage compartment and I boarded the bus to go on my merry way. There were literally 3 other people on the bus so I just choose a random seat on the bus. The seats on the bus was very comfortable, the legroom was very generous and the best part was the seat could recline. The bus also advertised Wi-Fi but I couldn’t connect for some odd reason.

Very generous legroom and footrest

Due to the lack of traffic, I made it to Gimpo in 20 minutes and was dropped off at the domestic terminal. The Korean Air staff encouraged me to use the kiosk to check into my flight and then escorted me over to the counter to check in my bag. What I didn’t understand was why couldn’t they check me in at the counter. Nevertheless, I headed over to security and it was a zoo. There were at least 2 Chinese tour groups ahead of me and man were they loud. Luckily, the lines moved quickly and I was airside in less than 15 minutes.

There was still at least an hour before boarding so I decided to head into the KAL Lounge to relax and most importantly get something to drink. I was welcomed into the lounge after the lounge attendant scanned my boarding pass (which looks like a long yellow receipt btw). The lounge was small and almost no view at all. There weren’t many food options, so I only decided to stay for 20 minutes before leaving.

Boarding pass to Jeju (it looks like a long receipt)
My favorite sweet rice drink 🙂

The gate for the flight was only a few minutes walk away, but I was feeling a bit peckish so I stopped by one of the food counters and ordered a waffle.

A nice hot delicious waffle before the flight 🙂



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