The Premium Experience: KIX and Club ANA Lounge

After a week in Japan, it was time to head over to South Korea. Once again, we would be traveling solo as I would be flying to Seoul before flying to Jeju Island because I didn’t have enough United miles so I had to use my Korean Air miles. Kathy would be flying directly to Jeju Island, arriving about 3 hours ahead of me.

We got up pretty early, around 6:45 AM and we left the hotel around 7:15 AM. The subway station didn’t have elevators so we had to carry our luggage down a couple flights of stairs. Not too bad since it was still early and there weren’t many people around. I know that I never mentioned it before but thank God Kathy is a great navigator. I would have gotten lost numerous times. After a few transfers and getting onto the commuter train instead of the express train, we arrived at Kansai International Airport around 8 AM. At this point, Kathy and I split up to go check-in.

The Asiana Business Class line was empty so I was able to check-in in a few minutes. I also made the decision to check-in my roller so once again, I was traveling light with only my carry-on. After going through security, I went to the Club ANA Lounge to grab something to eat and check some emails. Although it was early in the morning, there were quite a number of passengers at the lounge. I grabbed some ginger ale and some rice balls and sat down and checked my emails. My wi-fi speed was decent although I was a bit confused on how to log in. Since there wasn’t much to do at the lounge, I decided to leave a bit earlier to head over to the gate where my flight was going to depart.



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