The Premium Experience: Osaka Day 2

Today was technically our only full day in Osaka so we decided to split up and explore the city.

I forgot to mention in my previous post that our hotel provided free Japanese breakfast every morning from 6:30- 9:30 AM in the 2nd floor dinning area. I went down around 8:30 AM and there were rice balls, bread, several soups and juice. I wasn’t really hungry so I just grabbed some miso soup, rice ball and bread.

Don’t underestimate this breakfast, I was quite full until lunch time.  

After leaving the hotel around 9:30 AM,  my first destination was Osaka Castle. The front desk staff at our hotel was super friendly and gave me a metro map and directions to the castle which included 3 stops and a transfer. Fortunately for me, I got off at the 2nd stop and decided to walk Osaka Park into the castle instead of getting off closer to the entrance. The park was extremely pretty and the walk felt very peaceful.

DSC03278 DSC03280
DSC03281 DSC03282
There were cherry blossoms everywhere 🙂
DSC03297 DSC03296
The walk so was peaceful and I met some new friends along the way 🙂

The admission for Osaka Castle was ¥600 (about $5.50USD). There were tons of people at the castle when I was there, I think I picked a bad day to visit. Unfortunately there wasn’t much to do and after spending a little over an hour there, I decided to head over to one of the underground shopping malls.

DSC03309 DSC03310
Osaka Castle
Just to prove I was there… Wasn’t a big fan of the netting around the viewing platform.

I went to the Higashi Umeda underground mall to grab some lunch at one of the gourmet food sections and grab some dinner for later on and then I tried to head back to the hotel. Unfortunately, I got lost at the underground station for a good 2 hours (yes, I am one of those people who are prone to get lost). I am pretty sure I walked off whatever I ate that afternoon. After the return to the hotel, I began packing since we were leaving Japan the following morning.

I spent ¥6,934 (about $64.00USD) on my last full day in Osaka.



2 thoughts on “The Premium Experience: Osaka Day 2

  1. Lisa says:

    Thanks! I am writing a lot off of my memories and whatever I wrote down in my little notebook 🙂
    I think my photos are getting a little better…but nowhere as good as yours!


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