The Premium Experience: Osaka Day 1

During our last morning in Kyoto, everyone slept in just for a bit and then we went back to Shin Kyogoku and Teramachi Shopping Arcades and the Nishiki Market to look for food and do some last minute shopping.

Teramachi Shopping Arcade

I didn’t mention in my previous blog post, but my absolutely favorite store in Kyoto was a sticker store. No, I am not joking. The B-Side Label store was my favorite store in Kyoto. We went there three times, twice on the last morning. The staff at the store were extremely friendly and once they found out we were foreigners and they gave a couple free stickers after our purchases. The sticker collection there was huge, I actually felt overwhelmed at one point. I would highly recommend the store to anyone who is visiting the Teramachi Shopping Arcade for some unique souvenirs.

Just a quick picture of B-Side Label before leaving…
Stickers and pins from B-Side Label 🙂
The train station where Tommy got us lost for an hour the night before!
DSC03237 DSC03242
Just a couple more shots of Kyoto before leaving… Yes, that is Kyoto Tower on the right. 

Afterwards, we went back to the hostel to pick up our luggages and called a taxi to take us to the train station. At this point, only Kathy and I would be continuing onward to Kyoto and then to South Korea. Tommy, unfortunately wasn’t allow to visit South Korea because  he is in the Navy and because of his security clearance so he was going to stay in Japan for an extra week.

The train ride from Kyoto to Osaka only took about 45 minutes via the commuter train. (I am pretty sure we took the commuter train.) We arrived in Osaka Station mid afternoon and we proceed to get a taxi to take out to our home for the next 2 nights. And this is where we encountered the first rude Japanese local. It was the taxi driver, and he made no attempts to get out of his car to help us with our luggage nor he did take us to the correct hotel. We booked Toyoko Inn Osaka Taniyon Kosaten which is a chain hotel so I can understand that it is a bit confusing if there are multiple hotels with the same name. Unfortunately, our taxi driver was pretty adamant that the hotel he took us to was the correct one. I don’t believe he helped us with our luggages when we arrived. We were pretty sure that we were at the wrong hotel when we walked in and realized that this hotel was a lot nicer than the one we booked. A quick chat with the front desk agent confirmed it.  The front desk agent called for a taxi and when the taxi driver arrived, she gave him the correct address of the hotel we were suppose to be taken to. Also, this taxi driver was much older than the previous one and was much nicer. He even assisted with our luggages even though I felt superbad about it.

We each paid ¥7,500 (about $68USD) for the 2 nights. After dropping off our luggage in our room and exploring the room for a bit, we decided to go to the Umeda Sky Building. Unfortunately for us, this building was a bit difficult to find. I believe it took us nearly an hour to get there and we missed the sunset by 5 minutes 😦 .

The admission fee was ¥700 ($6.40USD).

So close…yet so far. You could see the sun starting to set.
Standing underneath the Umeda Sky Building.
There was a replicate of the building inside.

Seriously… we missed the sunset by like 5 minutes 😦
Even though the sun set, it still looked pretty bright.
Entering the Twilight Zone! just kidding, we were just leaving 🙂
Rings of Fire!

After a productive day, I spent ¥14,436 (about $132USD) all in all.



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