The Premium Experience: Kyoto Day 2

After getting a good night’s rest, we split up once again. Kathy and I went to visit the Bamboo Forest in Arashiyama and see the Kinkaku-ji (Golden Pavilion). Unfortunately I don’t remember where Tommy went to… I think it was a manga museum(?). Anyhow, we left pretty early around 9:30 and we were smart to remember to take an umbrella from the hostel because it was sprinkling when we left. We also rented a wifi-router for ¥500 (about $4.60USD) per day and it seriously came in handy. We were able to look up directions, and keep our friends posted with our (actually just me) constant facebook updates.

Another thing that I loved about Japan… their trains! They are so clean and roomy. Some of the older trains also had cushioned seats. They were super comfortable that I kinda wished the train ride was longer.

DSC03051 Katsura Station

DSC03053 A quick selfie before boarding 🙂

DSC03054 The seats on the subway trains were so comfortable!

DSC03055 Look how roomy this subway train was!

I don’t actually remember how long the ride was because we had to transfer to another line before arriving at Arashiyama. But it was so beautiful when we arrived, even the rain seemed to welcome us. I was so happy that I wore my boots instead of my flats. 🙂

DSC03056 DSC03057
Arriving at Arashiyama!

DSC03061  DSC03081
Look at how beautiful this place is, even though it was rainy and foggy!

DSC03065 DSC03075
Cherry Blossoms everywhere!

Of course you have to get the obligatory “standing underneath the Cherry Blossom picture”. 😛

After wandering and taking pictures of the cherry blossoms, we were on a mission to find lunch and head for the Bamboo Forest. We walked into the center of town and it literally felt like there were a million tourists there. There were tourists everywhere. I have to admit, it was a bit overwhelming. Along the way, we also stepped into shops to looked around.

Curry Udon for lunch (this was so good). Only ¥750 (about $6.86USD)

After the hearty lunch, we began our search for the Bamboo Forest. After acquiring some information from some locals, we began our adventure! Although Arashiyama seemed small, it felt like we were walking for a long time before we actually found the way to the Bamboo Forest.

DSC03089 Hmm… is this the way to the Bamboo Forest?

Can you see now why they call this the Bamboo Forest?! The bamboos were really tall and I felt super small…

You can get this stamp at the Arashiyama subway station 🙂

After visiting the Bamboo Forest in Arashiyama, Kathy and I headed back to Kyoto so we visit the Kinkaku-Ji (The Golden Pavilion). The admission cost was ¥700 (about $6.87USD). Now, if you asked me if the admission cost was worth it, I would say no. Because technically you are only viewing the pavilion at a distance and basically that is all you are doing. You can’t go into and there are no other activities around it. I wished the admission fee was lower like ¥400-500 instead.

DSC03111  DSC03116
The Golden Pavilion was absolutely beautiful, and picturesque.  It felt very peaceful here. 

The side view of the Golden Pavilion

Getting to the Golden Pavilion was pretty easy, we used the Kyoto City Buses. The experience was quite interesting. First, you enter through the back of the bus and you pay when you exit through the front. Bus fare, if I remember correctly was ¥220 (about $2.00USD). After heading back to the hostel, we decided with Tommy that we should have okonomiyaki since we passed by a small okonomiyaki restaurant earlier. Aside from the okonomiyaki, we also ordered fried wontons (?) and sausages. Green Tea, Chocolate and Strawberry ice cream desserts followed.

DSC03118 DSC03119 DSC03122 DSC03123
Dinner was delicious and my favorite part of the dinner was the dessert 😛

All in all, I spent ¥5218 (about $48USD) in day 2 in Kyoto.



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