The Premium Experience: Tokyo Day 2

After getting some much needed sleep at the Capsule Inn, it was time to check out of our hostel and head to the next one. The check out process was easy and we were checked out in no time. For our second night in Tokyo, we booked the Khaosan Tokyo Laboratory. I would highly recommend this hostel as the staff was super friendly the room was clean and sleeps 3! Of course, we took a taxi to this location because we all had bags and taking the subway seem to be too ineffective. My friend Kathy prepaid for this hostel so I paid her back ¥3555 (about $33USD).

The sleeping puppy in the front window of our hostel that wasn’t really a was a battery operated toy. It looked really real!

After settling in, we decided to go find some Kit Kat souvenirs. We went to the Kit Kat Chocolatory  in the Seibu Department Store which is accessible via Ikebukuro underground station. This technically wasn’t a store, it was more like a counter in the confectionery or high quality food product floor. There were alot of people already in line, I wasn’t sure if I was going to be able to buy the Kit Kats. There were only 3 flavors there that day: Green Tea Sakura, Chili and the Special Dark Chocolate. I was a bit disappointed by the lack of flavors there, since this was “The World’s First Kit Kat store. After buying the kit kats to take back to friends, we began wandering around the food floor. There were so many confectioneries and delicious smelling food. I brought sakuramochis  from 2 different vendors but they tasted almost exactly the same.

DSC03024 DSC03023
They were wrapped up really nicely and in really cute boxes 🙂 The service was impeccable of course.

After our mini food shopping adventure, we decided to head to the Cup Noodle Museum in Yokohama. If I can remember correctly, it was a pretty long subway ride and we switched trains once (or was it twice?). Since we still had our food haul, we decided to use a locker at the subway station to store our items since we didn’t want to carry a lot around.

DSC02991 DSC02996
Cosmic World Theme Park and the Sakuras (not really bloomed yet…sigh)

Admission into the museum was ¥500 (about $4.65USD), unfortunately we didn’t make advance reservations for making our own cup of noodles 😦 The museum was quite interesting with interesting art and informational exhibits.

DSC03006 DSC03007
Cup Noodle Art and People making their own cup of noodles

The mascot of Cup of Noodles…Chickie 🙂   

We headed back to Tokyo and immediately went out to dinner. Guess what, I had ramen again! Can’t help it, I love ramen 🙂 I also had the 30th Anniversary Sakura Haagen-Dazs ice cream.

DSC03020 DSC03022
Ramen ¥400 (about $3.72USD) and Ice Cream ¥431 (about $4.00USD) , 2 of my favorite foods

I also added ¥3000 (about $28.00USD) to my Suica card… All in all, I spent ¥14245 (about $132USD) on Day 2 in Tokyo.


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