The Premium Experience: ICN – NRT

OZ 102
Boeing 747
March 27, 2014
9:00 – 11:10
Seat 4A

When the gate agent scanned my boarding pass, it beeped. I began to panic a bit. Why did it beep? Was I getting downgraded to economy? Another agent began typing away and then handed me a new boarding pass.

I saw “4A” on my boarding pass and didn’t register it as a First Class seat until I entered the aircraft and was advised to turn left. I gave the flight attendant a blank stare as she led me into the First Class cabin. I was shocked, I got upgraded to First Class?! Why was I upgraded? Was it oversold in Business? As soon as I sat down, I was offered a PDB and was handed immigration forms for Japan.

The purser came by my seat and welcomed me on board and thanked me for flying with Asiana. I asked if it was possible for me to visit the upper deck Business Class and she said of course. She will have a flight attendant take me up to the upper deck once I was ready. We departed about 15 minutes behind schedule. Once we reached cruising altitude and the seat belt sign was turned off, menus were provided and I choose the western option of pasta with seafood, green salad and fresh fruit and of course a glass of ginger ale.

After my tray was removed, a flight attendant escorted me upstairs to the upper deck. There were only 2 passengers in the upper deck! So I wasn’t sure why I was upgraded. Actually I still to this day have no idea why I was upgraded. I wasn’t expecting to be upgraded for this flight, if anything I was expecting a downgrade.

DSC02973 Enjoying my First Class seat 🙂

DSC02972 Breakfast

DSC02969 Seat

DSC02975 Of course I was watching Phineas and Ferb!

We only arrived a few minutes behind schedule and the flight attendants did a great job in making sure the First Class passengers deplaned first. I powered walked over to the baggage carousel and grab my bag. Because it had a priority tag on it, it was among one of the first at the carousel. Once I got my bag, I went over to immigration and I was cleared in a few minutes.

Prior to arriving in Tokyo, I had arrange for an shuttle to transfer me from Narita Airport to the capsule hotel where I would be spending the night. I used Green Tomato and booked them through CHASE’s Ultimate Rewards. I paid $48USD for a shared transfer. After I passed immigration and walked over to the arrival hall, the driver was holding up a sign board with my name on it. After the initial greeting, the driver grabbed my roller and I followed him outside. He asked me to wait a few minutes. When he came back, I noticed it was a sedan (TOYOTA CROWN Sedan)! Apparently I was the only passenger for that route so I was upgraded! WOOHOO! The driver open the door for me and placed my roller in the seat next to me and then asked for my voucher. [TIP] Always make sure you have your vouchers!

The entire trip from the airport to the hotel took about an hour and I was so thankful that I booked a transfer instead of trying to figure out which subway lines I needed to take. I was tired and had I had taken the subway, I probably would have ended up on other side of town.



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