The Premium Experience: Asiana Business Class Lounge

After the transit security, I headed up to the Asiana Business Class Lounge because my first order of business was taking a shower. I mean, if you flew 12+ hours, wouldn’t you want to take a shower too? After handing over my outgoing boarding pass, I was welcomed into the lounge. When I inquired about a shower, the lounge attendant handed me a key and gave me directions to the shower rooms.

Shower Room: Pretty big shower area
Shower Room: Amenities cabinet
Shower Room: High Tech Toilet

The shower rooms were quite nice, had all the amenities that I needed: shower gel, shampoo, conditioner, bathrobe, towels, hair dryer, q-tips and etc. It was really nice to take a shower after that long but comfortable flight. After the shower, I returned the shower room key and locked my carry on bag in the provided lockers.

Grabbing some munchies were next on my list. I don’t really remember what I had except for some orange juice. I also used the computers to send out emails to friends that i have safely arrived in South Korea and will be in touch soon. I don’t know if it was because the lounge was large, but it never got full in the 2+ hours I was there. At most, there were like 10 people in the lounge. I saw little groups of passengers around the lounge but the space felt large. Perhaps it was due to it being 6 AM, hence the lounge never got full. My only complaint about the lounge would have to be the lack of wi-fi password posting. I think it literally took me 10 minutes to find the password.

Like previously, I left the lounge around T-50 to explore the airport and walk to my gate. As I got to my gate, I noticed that this was going to be a full flight because there were tons of passengers around and some were already queuing up. Soon, an announcement for First and Business Class passengers to board. I was about the 10th person in line and when the gate attendant scanned my boarding pass, it beeped. I began to mentally freak out. I mean, why did my boarding pass beep? Did I get downgraded to economy? I used United miles for this flight and I was prepared in case that happen. Another gate attendant started typing away and gave me a new boarding pass.



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