The Premium Experience: LAX – ICN

OZ 203
Boeing 777
March 26, 2014
00:30 – 5:50 (+1)
Seat 2K

I was welcomed aboard by a lovely flight attendant and was led my seat by another. I was happy to be flying in on this Business Smartium flight because the seats were true lie-flat, which meant I could sleep…comfortably! An amenity kit, slippers, blanket, pillow and Bose noise cancelling headphones were already at my seat. The same flight attendant took my coat and offered me a PDB (pre- departure beverage). I opted for an ginger ale. Since this was my first time flying international business class, I was exploring my seat and pressing all the buttons to see what their function was. The purser (cabin manager) stopped by my seat to welcome me on board and thanked me for flying Asiana.

We departed about 30 minutes behind schedule and I’m not exactly sure why. But once we reached cruising altitude and the seat belt sign was turned off, the flight attendants sprang up and began setting up for dinner service. Menus were passed out and 2 flight attendants came around to take orders. The flight attendants kneel down when they speak to you so they are at your eye level. Each of the flight attendants who took the orders have a notebook where they take down the dining requests. I decided to go with the Korean option:


Turnip Vegetable Roll

Main Course

Mixing and Harmonizing A Famous Korean Cuisine “Bibimbap”
Steamed Rice, various kinds of vegetables and minced beef, mixed with red pepper paste (gochujang), sesame oil, accompanied by assorted side dishes and soup.


Fresh fruit

Coffee and tea

Korean Traditional Cookies

The meals were served from trolleys that were rolled through the business class cabin. I also ordered a ginger ale with my meal.The bibimbap does come with beef (which is something that I don’t really eat, long story) but since it was minced up and I was going to mix it up with everything else, I ate it. The side dishes were quite good, I really liked the kimchi and the traditional cookies were the perfect way to end the meal. After the meal, I went to the restroom to brush my teeth and got ready for bed. It was pretty easy to make my bed and I amazingly slept an amazing 7 hours! I would have slept longer if I didn’t need to get up to stretch my legs. I also noticed a had a bottle of water by my seat when I came back.

DSC02955 Menu: Korean Option

DSC02956 Menu: Korean Option

DSC02952 Bibimbap

DSC02953 Traditional Korean Cookies

DSC02959 Coffee to start breakfast

DSC02958 Fresh fruit, yogurt and warm croissant

DSC02961 Omelette with chicken sausage, breakfast potatoes & black bean salsa

I was still pretty full from dinner and breakfast was still a couple hours away so I ordered a ginger ale and finally decided to watch Frozen to see what all the hype was. I have to say, I really did like the movie. About 2 hours before landing, menus were handed out and the flight attendant took my order. I opted for the western option (sorry, no menu picture) Omelette with chicken sausage, breakfast potatoes and black bean salsa. The omelette was pretty good. I ate almost everything except the black bean salsa. About 20 minutes before landing, headphones were collected and my coat was brought to me and we pretty much landed at Incheon in darkness. Turns out, we landed 30 minutes ahead of schedule. The flight attendants did a great job making sure all the business class passengers left the aircraft first.



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