The Premium Experience: Star Alliance Business Lounge and Boarding

I arrived at the newly renovated Tom Bradley International Terminal around 3 hours before my flight. The new terminal was beautiful and the makeover was long overdue. The business class line was completely empty so I was able to check in, in a couple of minutes. I was able to check my roller  all the way to Tokyo so carry on bag only! ^-^

I was given my boarding pass and off I went to the security. There is a premium lane for premium passengers, unfortunately both the premium lane and the regular lane all merged into 1 lane so I don’t really understand why there was even a premium line for to begin with. It took me almost 30 minutes to clear security. I headed up to the Star Alliance Business Class Lounge once I was air-side. The new Star Alliance Lounge was opened around September 2013. The business lounge was big with a decent spread. Since I was still full from dinner an hour prior, I didn’t grab anything except an ginger ale and took a seat in the balcony terrace overlooking the international terminal.

LAX Star Alliance Lounge
Ginger Ale, Passport and Boarding Pass 🙂

The wi-fi was pretty fast and the password was posted throughout the lounge. The lounge never got full despite the number of flights that were scheduled that night. But I also think this was due to the vast amount of seating that was available.

Around T- 50 (50 minutes before boarding), I left the lounge and began the trek down to my gate. It was the same gate as my previous OZ 203 flight back in 2012. I really wish they would use a larger gate. The waiting area was packed with people lining up around 30 minutes before boarding. There were staff around directing passengers to their boarding groups. Unfortunately they called for business class, Star Alliance Gold and Silver members, Asiana premium members to all board at once. It was quite chaotic but I managed to board a good 3-5 minutes after the announcement.



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