Miles and Points: How I Got Started Part 2

Hello everybody 🙂

I’m back with Part 2 (and the last part) of Miles and Points, How I Got Started.

Since I began looking for ways to earn points and miles, I have done tons of surveys from e-miles and e-rewards. Like I said prior, it is a time-consuming hobby. There has been many and I mean many times where I would get frustrated from the 2 survey sites because I would start a survey and then find out that I wasn’t qualified so I would only receive $.25 as “compensation”.

I have also signed up for dinning programs for United and American Airlines because it is one of the simplest ways to earn miles (though there are restrictions as to which restaurants participates and how many points are given). I have also applied for hotel credit cards (Starwood SPG Preferred Guest Credit Card and the Club Carlson Premier Reward Visa Signature) in which I convert points into miles for flights. Some say that it may not be the best way to use the points but for me, it makes sense because I when I travel, I tend to stay in hostels and budget hotels that doesn’t cost an arm or an leg. I would much rather have a comfort seat on a flight than a high end hotel room when I am out for 90% of the day.

Yes, points and miles collecting is a time-consuming and sometimes frustrating hobby but the rewards of flying business class and first class on my last Asia trip was well worth it. Whether if this is right for you? It is up to you 🙂

Until next time,

Lisa ♥


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