Apologies and Saving Tip

Hi Everyone,

First off, let me apologize for disappearing after my last post. Life got in the way and I sorta procrastinated. 

I was talking to my friends over dinner the other night about my next vacation (next year) and I really want to go to Vancouver, Canada for my birthday. Excitement was in the air since none of us have ever been to Canada, but with that excitement soon came disappointment as they knew that traveling overseas was going to be expensive. I was sorta disappointed too when that portion of the discussion came up. I mean, I know that it was going to be expensive. I don’t make a ton in salary and I was already planning all these vacations/getaways in my head. The night ended with goodbyes and drive home safely.

As soon as I was home, I immediately went through all my money saving tips and to my disappointment, I couldn’t find any situations for my friends. One friend was currently unemployed and another had too many bills and not sure if she would be able to take time off (she works for a really small company). For some unknown reason, I began watching some old Youtube videos and I immediately came across Sonia’s Travel channel and I watched one video titled “Travel Tips: Save Money in 2014” and immediately thought of my friends. Hopefully they will use Sonia’s method of saving $3.00 a day for the next 365 days have $1,095.00 by the time my birthday hits in 2015.

I have linked Sonia’s video below so you guys can check it out.

Until next time, 

Lisa ♥




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