Destination: Ghost Town Airport

Written: 07/27/2012
Posted: 10/06/2012

After exiting the aircraft, I walked along with the other passengers toward immigration/transfer. The transfer section was extremely easy to get to. [TIP] Keep a lookout for an enclosed area near immigration. After entering, we were asked to show our passports and proof of onward travel aka boarding pass (or printed itinerary for those who weren’t able to get their boarding passes yet). We were asked to take out our liquids and go through security. Great thing about Asian airports, there are no need to take off shoes! 🙂 After getting the all clear from the security officer, I was asked to head upstairs to the transit area. The great thing is that the transit area was directly above the security area, so off to the escalator I go!

A good 30 seconds later, I was in the transit area. The first that I noticed was the lack of lighting. Many of the transfer amenities were not available yet. The Hub Lounge, Free Showers, Massages and the Cafeteria were scheduled to open at 7 AM. The first thing I did was heading over to the transfer desk to inquire about my gate for my next flight. I had my ICN – TPE boarding pass printed in Los Angeles, however there was no gate assignment. The LAX check in staff asked me to check with the ICN check in staff. The transfer desk confirmed my gate and I went on my merry way.

I headed over to the computer and let my friends know that I had arrived safely. In the computer area, there was also an exhibit on Korean clothing from the Joseon period to modern day. Massage chairs were also available but many people were using. I really wanted to grab a shower but the shower rooms weren’t going to be open for another 2 hours.

I decided to explore the ghost town airport Incheon Airport. First I went to purchase a prepaid calling card for $9 USD. I called my mom to assure her that I was safe in Seoul. While I was walking around with my carry on, I met the cutest little traveler! Blonde hair, blue eyes and the cutest smile, Molly was by far the cutest baby I had met at an airport. The first time I saw her, she was playing with my luggage tag. I later learned that Molly’s parents were American expats on their way back to Malaysia.

When 6:50 AM hit, I made a beeline for the showers.

Lisa ♥


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